Reference Documents

Here is the schematic of V2 power supply module. The main difference here is that it uses voltage doubler instead of a separate transformer winding for providing phantom power. This allows to use a regular transformers without high-voltage windings.

However, there's still and option to use a transformer with a separate winding. In this case you need to leave the links and Cp11/Cp12 out thus disabling voltage doubler.

Please note the function of GND SEL jumper. If you jump pins 1 and 2, you connect positive rail of V2 to ground. This makes a two-polar PSU with V1 being positive rail and V2 being negative rail.

If you jump pins 2 and 3, you connect negative rail of V2 to ground. This makes a PSU with two positive rails, This is useful for modules with single positive rail power. It allows you to split the load evenly.

For negative powered modules (like PYE-type compressor) only V2 section has to be populated. GND SEL should be set to jump pins 1 and 2 to create the negative voltage rail.

Here is schematics for mains wiring both for 110V and 220V

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