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Populating the PCBs - V1 PCBs

This is for old revision boards (before rev. 2).

Areas marked with red denote unregulated power rails. Depending on the modules, you may need one or two rails of unregulated power.

Blue recangle marks the phantom power section. Please note that this section has its own separate ground. This ground should be tied to chassis for the phantom power to work correctly. Use any of the CHASSIS pads to connect phantom ground to chassis star ground point.

Green rectangle marks a power transformer. Secondary windings of the transformer depend on the modules. Keep in mind, that there's no voltage multiplier in this version of the PSU, so you'll need a 44V winding to get the phantom working.

There are three options for mounting the power transformer:

  • Using threaded stud through the center of the transformer.
  • Using cable ties (holes marked with violet)
  • Off board near the IEC connector using mounting technique of your choice.

Please note: grounding of unregulated power rails is taken care of at the modules. Ground these rails only if this is explicitly stated in the modules building Guide.

Testing procedure:

  • Make sure you don't have any exposed wiring that can accidently short to ground or mains.
  • Apply power to the transformer and measure output voltages at V1_DC, V2_DC and 48V_DC. Check that voltages are as expected.
  • Adjust phantom power voltage with RVp1 until it reaches +48V at the 48V_DC pads. You may need to readjust this voltage after you finish the module assembly.