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1176 Module Building Guide

1176 compressor module is based on the vintage early UREI 1176 revision D compressor that is famous for its color and character. We put the original design into much smaller footprint of our 4-channel frame system. This allows to pack up to 4 units into single 1U enclosure. We also included two separate LED meters - one for output level, another for gain reduction. Another useful feature is active link circuit that allows correct linking of two units for stereo operation.

Here are key features of our 1176 compressor module:

  • True to the original vintage design.
  • Additional 2:1 ratio for gentle compression (*please, read a comment below).
  • Correctly implemented "All" button feature.
  • Active link circuit for proper stereo operation of two units
  • Compact design (1/4 rack space)

*NOTE: our 2:1 ratio setting is different from other units in the DIY universe. We tried the 2:1 option that is widely suggested in different sources and found that the resulting ratio is closer to 4:1, and the threshold point is shifted way up compared to other ratio settings. We were able to adjust some components and achieved a smooth 2:1 ratio, as well as brought the threshold point lower and put it where it should logically be situated (a little bit below 4:1 threshold point).

PLEASE NOTE: complete building Guide will be available after purchasing of 1176 module PCB set.

Here is the rough estimate of costs of the 1176 compressor module:

Electronic parts (Mouser, US pricing) 220$
Audio transformers 70$
Front panel, PCBs, mounting brackets 70$
TOTAL (shipping not included): 360$

Approximate build time - 8 hours.

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