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Dear DIY Audio builder!

This RN84 Building Guide was created to help you make your own mic preamp with EQ based on the famous British class-A design. While it's a common opinion that this is one of the most difficult do-it-yourself projects and it is not recommended for the beginners, we strongly believe that our take on this preamp is the easiest to build. It may still be too difficult for those just starting with their DIY hobby. But intermediate level builders who have some devices "under their belts" should have no problems with making this beautiful preamp using our Guide.

Before you start the build please read this introduction. You will find some useful information that will help you structure your build process so that it suites you best.

In the RN84 there are several different tasks to accomplish:

  • Working with PCBs. This is quite standard and is not very difficult.
  • Making Gain switch assembly. This is the most difficult part and something that stops many novices. We will guilde you step-by-step to make sure that everything is done correctly.
  • Wiring the pieces together. This step is the easiest one, but still requires attention and care.
  • Testing and adjusting the preamp. There should be no difficulties with that. You will need a DMM for this step. We also suggest using Audio Precision (hardware) or SpectraPlus (software) analyzers for measuring the unit specs.

Please note: access to the Guide will be provided with the RN84 PCBs set.