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RN73 Mic Preamp Building Guide

RN73 is the mic preamp based on the famous British class-A design. Many people agree that this is one of the most difficult do-it-yourself projects and it is not recommended for the beginners. However, we feel confident that even builders with little experience can make themselves this beautiful preamp using our Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: complete building Guide will be available after purchasing of RN73 module PCB set.

You can find all the steps in the menu at the left side of the page.

Here is the rough estimate of costs of the RN73 mic preamp:

Electronic parts (Mouser, US pricing) 217$
Switches and audio transformers 526$
Knobs 83$
Enclosure, front panel, PCBs, power transformer 220$
TOTAL (shipping not included): 1046$

Approximate build time - 16 hours.

Complete RN73 Bill of Materials here.

GroupDIY support thread here.