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RN84 Mic Preamp Building Guide

RN84 is the mic preamp with EQ based on the famous British class-A design. We added several valuable features that make our version even more useful:

  • Active FET DI for high impedance sources (guitars, basses etc)
  • DI output can be routed either to the mic input transformer, or to the line input transformer
  • Additional EQ points (mid and high frequency bands)
  • Relay switching to keep the signal paths as short as possible
  • LED indication for every switch
  • Revised front panel layout that's much more familiar and convenient to use than in the original unit.

The idea behind RN84 is to make a 1084 type preamp easier to build and wire, but leave the look and feel of the unit as close to the original as possible. Compared to RN73, RN84 is much easier to wire and service. All its front controls are connected to the main PCB via several large IDC connectors. This makes wiring much easier (and leaves less room for errors), and gives a possibility to detach the front assembly completely.

Overall, we believe that this version of 1084 mic preamp is the most simple and completely documented build that's available on the DIY market today.

PLEASE NOTE: complete building Guide will be available after purchasing of RN84 module PCB set.

You can find all the steps in the menu at the left side of the page.

Here is the rough estimate of costs of the RN84 mic preamp:

Electronic parts (Mouser, US pricing) 303$
Switches and knobs 430$
Audio ransformers and inductors 267$
Enclosure, front panel, PCBs, power transformer 235$
TOTAL (shipping not included): 1235$

Approximate build time - 16 hours.

Complete RN84 Bill of Materials here.

GroupDIY support thread here.