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Bill of Materials

# Designator Value Quantity Supplier Part Number Comment
Capacitors, film
1 Cp3, Cp6 0.1uF/63V 2 Mouser MKS2C031001A00KSSD 1 for each unregulated rail
2 Cp9 0.1uF/100V 1 Mouser MKS2D031001A00KSSD  
Capacitors, electrolytic (Low ESR recommended)
3 Cp1, Cp2, Cp4, Cp5, Cp11, Cp12 1000uF/50V 4 Mouser UPW1H102MHD1CV 2 for each unregulated rail, 2 for voltage doubler
4 Cp7, Cp8 560uF/100V 2 Mouser EKYB101ELL561MM25S  
5 Cp10 10uF/100V 1 Mouser UPW2A100MED1TD  
Resistors (1% recommended, except where noted)
6 Rp1 2K 1 Mouser 271-2K-RC  
7 Rp2 82 1 Mouser 271-82-RC  
8 Rp3 47, 1W 1 Mouser H4P47RFCA  
Trimmer resistors
9 RVp1 2K 1 Mouser T93YB202KT20  
10 BRp1, BRp2, BRp3 KBP204G 3 Mouser KBP204G 1 for each rail (including phantom)
11 Dp1 1N4007 1 Mouser 1N4007GP-E3/54  
12 VRp1 TL783 1 Mouser TL783CKCSE3  
13 Power transformer   1 RackNeve PWR_TX Depends on the modules
14 Power On switch DPST 1 Mouser 103-R13-73A-EV  
15 TO-220 heatsink   1 Mouser 637-10ABPE  
16 IEC receptacle, fused   1 Mouser 719W-00/02  
17 Standoff, 5mm, F/F (PCBs mounting)   4 Mouser R30-1000502 We used threaded rivet nuts instead.
18 PSU Module PCBs set   1 RackNeve 4CHPSUPCB  
19 PSU Module front panel   1 RackNeve PSUFP  

Now we can start populating PCBs.