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Bill of Materials

# Designator Value Quantity Supplier Part Number Comment
Capacitors, polystyrene
  C3 180pF 1 Mouser 23PS118 Polystyrene capacitors are becoming obsolete at Mouser. Check LSR at Farnell in EU or SmallBear Electronics in US
  C2, C12a, C20a 470pF 3 Mouser 23PS147
  C5c 220pF 1 Mouser 23PS122
  C2c, C4c 2n2 2 Mouser 23PS222
  C3c 4700pF 1 Mouser 23PS247 (obsolete)
  C13a, C21a 680pF 2 Mouser 23PS168
  C6c 1n2 1 Mouser 23PS212
  C16a, C24a 1000pF 2 Mouser 23PS210
Capacitors, film
  C1c, C7d 10n 2 Mouser 150103J400BB  
  C1d, C2d, C3d, C4e, C9c, C9e, C12d, C13d, C14d 100n 9 Mouser 150104J400EC  
  C1e, C6e 1uF 2 Mouser 150105J250JE  
  C2e, C7e 0.47uF 2 Mouser 150474J250HC  
  C3e, C8e 0.22uF 2 Mouser 150224J400FE  
  C4d, C8c, C11d 47n 3 Mouser 150473J250BB  
  C5d, C8d, C10d 15n 3 Mouser MMP6S15K-F  
  C5e, C6d, C7c, C9d, C10e 22n 5 Mouser 150223J250BB  
  C11a, C19a 47pF 2 Mouser FKP2O100471D00JSSD  
  Cp3* 0.1uF 1 Mouser MKS2D031001A00KSSD * - do not stuff
Capacitors, tantalum
  C10a, C18a 10uF/25V 2 Mouser TAP106K025CCS  
  C12, C17a, C25a 22uF/16V 3 Mouser TAP226K016CCS  
Capacitors, electrolytic (Low ESR recommended)
  C10 470uF/25V 1 Mouser MAL213836471E3  
  C14a, C22a 22uF/25V 2 Mouser MAL213826229E3  
  C11 22uF/16V 1 Mouser MAL213838229E3  
  C15a, C23a 64uF/4V 2 Mouser MAL202190544E3 Closest value
  Cp1* 1500uF/50V 1 Mouser UPW1H152MHD * - do not stuff
  Cp4*, Cp5* 10uF/50V 2 Mouser UPW1H100MDD * - do not stuff
Resistors (1% recommended, except where noted)
  R1c, R4c 6K8 2 Mouser 271-6.8K-RC  
  R1d, R5d 6K2 2 Mouser 271-6.2K-RC  
  R1e, R31, R32, Rp4 10K 4 Mouser 271-10K-RC  
  R2c 8K2 1 Mouser 271-8.2K-RC  
  R2d, R4d 620 2 Mouser 271-620-RC  
  R3c, R58 2K7 2 Mouser 271-2.7K-RC  
  R3d, R45 12K 2 Mouser 271-12K-RC  
  R13a, R23a 100K 2 Mouser 271-100K-RC  
  R14a, R24a, R39, R71, R72 39K 5 Mouser 271-39K-RC  
  R15a, R25a 27K 2 Mouser 271-27K-RC  
  R16a, R26a 3K3 2 Mouser 271-3.3K-RC  
  R17a, R27a 120K 2 Mouser 271-120K-RC  
  R18a, R19a, R28a, R29a 180K 4 Mouser 271-180K-RC  
  R20a, R30a 3K6 2 Mouser 271-3.6K-RC  
  R21a, R31a 820 2 Mouser 271-820-RC  
  R22a, R32a 3K9 2 Mouser 271-3.9K-RC  
  R33, R34, R35, R36, R40, R41, R42, R43, R47, R48, R49, R50, R52, R53, R54, R55, R63, R65, R66, R67, R68, R69 4M7 22 Mouser MFR-25FRF52-4M7  
  R37 1K2 1 Mouser 271-1.2K-RC  
  R57 120 1 Mouser 271-120-RC  
  Rp1* 2K7 1 Mouser 271-2.7K-RC * - do not stuff
  Rp2* 150 1 Mouser 271-150-RC * - do not stuff
  Rp3 330 1 Mouser 271-330-RC  
  HF boost, Presence 10K 2 Mouser RV16AF-10-15R1-B10K-0C  
  Low frequency 50K 1 Mouser RV16AF-10-15R1-B50K-0C  
  Dp1*, Dp2* 1N4007 2 Mouser 1N4007GP-E3/54 * - do not stuff
  Dp3, Dp4 1N4148 2 Mouser 1N4148TR  
  Qp1 BC560 1 Mouser BC560CTA  
  T4a, T7a BC184C 2 Obsolete   hfe>600. Can be substituted with BC550C
  T5a, T6a, T8a, T9a BC184C 4 Obsolete   Can be substituted with BC550C
  VRp1* LM317 1 Mouser LM317T * - do not stuff
  Power On LED   1 Mouser W23GD Or any other 2mm green LED
  EQ in Toggle, SPDT 1 Mouser 108-1MS1T1B1M1QE-EVX  
  Presence Rotary, 1 pole 12 pos 1 Mouser 56DP30-01-1-AJN  
  LF, HPF Rotary, 2 poles 6 pos 2 Mouser 56DP30-01-2-AJN  
  VTB9043 Inductor 1 AML CA-18-VTB9043  
  VTB9044 Inductor 1 AML CA-18-VTB9044  
  VTB9050 Inductor 1 AML CA-18-VTB9050  
  TO-220 heatsink*   1 Mouser 637-10ABPE * - do not stuff
  Knob, 13mm, 1/8" shaft   3 Mouser KN500B1/8 Or any other knob
  Knob, 13mm, 1/4" shaft   3 Mouser KN500B1/4 Or any other knob
  Standoff, 5mm, F/F (for PSU and motherboard PCBs mounting)   4 Mouser R30-1000502 We used threaded rivet nuts instead. Refer to Metalworking pages of the 1073 Guide for further information.
  Standoff, 15mm, M/F (for filter PCB mounting)   3 Mouser R30-3001502  
  Standoff, unthreaded, nylon, M3 clearance x 3mm (front panel spacer)   4 Mouser R30-6700394  
  73EQ PCBs set   1 RackNeve 73EQPCB  
  73EQ front panel and mounting kit   1 RackNeve 73EQFP