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73EQ module is the passive equalizer section of the RN73 mic preamp. This module extends our 1290 mic preamp module. Please note, 1290 module is required for 73EQ to operate - currently, 73EQ can't be added to any other mic pre modules except 1290.

This equalizer module is perfect solution for those who want to get that famous british color, but do not have the budget for original concentric switches. Our 73EQ module is built with top quality Grayhill switches and Alpha potentiometers. However, it is possible to cut costs even more and use Lorlin switches instead.

For those looking for a line-in fixed gain equalizer, it's possible to use the 1290 PCB as a platform for making the unity gain buffer for 73EQ module. This option will be covered in the Guide too.

Please note: access the Guide will be provided with the 73EQ PCBs set.