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312 preamp module is inspired by the famous API 312 microphone preamplifier. It has a very short signal path and boasts a unique "charachter" and texture. It is the preamp of choice for many audio engineers, especially in aggressive music styles.

There are a lot of 312-type preamps on the market, what makes our version different? Here is the list of our 312 mic preamp module features:

  • Shortest signal path possible. Signal switching is made via relays.
  • Precision stepped input gain control.
  • FET DI with automatic activation (insert a jack to switch it on).
  • Output attennuator for those who wants to drive the input stage harder.
  • Independent voltage regulation for each module.
  • Additional options: 3124+ mod and servo circuit.
  • Switchable third output transformer winding. This increases output level which is useful for very quiet sound sources.
  • One of the easiest builds that even a beginner can handle.
  • Compact design - up to four modules can be installed onto 1U enclosure (with external PSU).
  • Our own take on the DOA for this preamp (requires SMD soldering).

This is a very affordable and easy to build module that will surely impress you with it's sonic signature.