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Transformers wiring

Now we need to prepare the input and output transformers.

Let's start with the mic input transformer - VTB9045.


Solder a wire link between pins 8 and 9 of the transformer. Then solder the 180p capacitor between pins 7 and 10.

Fix the solder terminal with one of the brass screws as shown. Solder pin 6 to the terminal with a thick wire.


 TIP: You can use pins from diodes or power resistors for this connection - they are often quite thick.

Let's do the line input transformer (VTB9046) next.


Solder a wire link between pins 3 and 4 of the transformer.

Now we need to connect pin 7 with pin 8, pin 9 with pin 10 and solder the 2.2n capacitor between these connections.


It is a good idea to use capacitor pins as a wire link between the pins as shown on the photo.

The next is the output transformer - VTB1148.


Solder two insulated wire links: between pins 2 and 4, and between pins 6 and 7.

Solder zobel network between pins 5 and 8.


1.5K resistor connects to pin 5, 0.01uF capacitor connects between the other leg of the resistor and pin 8 as shown on the photo.

Everything is ready for wiring together. Let's move on to the wiring pages.