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312 Module PCBs

29.00 USD

This set of PCBs allows you to build a vintage 312-type microphone preamplifier.
Here are the key features of our 312 module:

  • Very short signal path. Switching via relays.
  • Active FET DI circuit.
  • Switchable -20 dB input pad.
  • Switchable low impedance input.
  • Switchable additional output transformer winding for increased output level.
  • Optional servo circuit mod.
  • Optional 3124+ type mod (caps on the output of the op-amp).
  • Includes our take on the 2520 discrete op-amp.

These PCBs are intended to be used in our 4-channel frame system. 312 module takes up one slot space and needs +/-22V or higher (unregulated) for proper operation. We suggest installing no more than two modules if using internal PSU.

Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 29.00 USD