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1290 Module PCBs

30.00 USD

A full set of PCBs that allows you to make a DIY version of the famous vintage british class-A mic preamp (without line input and EQ swctions). This version of the preamplifier is also known as 1290.

Here are the key differences of our 1290 PCBs:

  • No solder mask - the original units did not have it.
  • Point-to-point board connections wiring where possible - as in the vintage modules.
  • Each board has independent power regulator for minimum crosstalk and interaction between channels.

These PCBs are intended to be used in our 4-channel frame system and take up one slot space. We suggest installing no more than two modules if using internal PSU.

SKU: 1290PCB
Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 30.00 USD