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12413 Module PCBs (zeners included)

70.00 USD

This set of PCBs allows you to build a vintage 12413 zener compressor.

Here are the key features of our zener compressor module:

  • Inspired by rare and sought after vintage zener compressor.
  • Valuable additional features:
    • Additional attack and release time options.
    • Switchable sidechain high-pass filter.
    • Both "cold" and "hot" bypass.
    • Zero insertion loss (unity gain).
    • Compact construction - up to four channels of zener compressors fit in 1U enclosure (with external PSU).

This PCBs set comes with two pairs of matched zeners to ensure smooth and easy build. These zeners are very important and must have certain parameters in order to achieve low noise performance and correct attennuation of the signal.

These PCBs are intended to be used in our 4-channel frame system. 12413 module takes up one slot space and needs +/-35V or higher (unregulated) for proper operation. We suggest installing no more than two modules if using internal PSU.

SKU: 12413PCB
Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 70.00 USD