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1176 Module PCBs

42.00 USD

This set of PCBs allows you to build a vintage 1176-type FET compressor.
Here are the key features of our 1176 module:

  • Compact construction - up to four channels of 1176-type compressor fit in 1U enclosure.
  • Easy wiring - most controls are mounted on the front panel PCB which connects via IDC-type connector to the main PCB.
  • Two LED meters: one for output signal level, one for gain reduction.
  • Additional Ratio settings: 2:1 and "All buttons" mode.
  • Active link circuit.

These PCBs are intended to be used in our 4-channel frame system. 1176 module takes up one slot space and needs +/- 35V (unregulated) for proper operation. We suggest installing no more than two modules if using internal PSU.

Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 42.00 USD