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Interactive BOMs and blog

Our main CAD package is Altium. It's very powerful and convenient. Unfortunately, there is one thing where Kicad beats Altium hands down. Kicad is open-source software, and it allows users to write custom plug-ins. Some time ago, one particularly useful plug-in appeared. It allowed creation of interactive BOM maps that eased manual assembly a great deal.

We always envied Kicad users a bit because of this (although we don't find Kicad convenient for our needs) and wanted to find a way to make this type of BOM for our projects. Finally, we found a relatively easy and comparably fast method of converting Altium projects in such a way that it allowed us to create interactive maps for them.

This is very useful and exciting thing. Check it out yourself! First projects that get this upgrade are 1290 and PYE building guides. We are planning to add these maps to all our projects shortly.

Another new development is a new Blog section of our site. We will be writing about projects that are of interest to us (not all of them are audio related). Feel free to chime in and leave a comment if you'd like. We hope you will enjoy the reading and find information useful.