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VR Racking PCBs Set

62.00 USD

A full set of PCBs that allows you to rack your Neve™ VR modules.

This set includes the following printed boards:

  • Main board (provides signals connections and distributes power to VR modules)
  • Meter driver (provides metering for output, compressor GR and expander GR)
  • Indication board (hosts LEDs)
  • Volume control board (controls output volume)
  • PSU

These PCBs are professionaly manufactured two-sided boards with wite silkscreen and solder mask.

Electronic components are not included with this PCBs kit.

The set is intended to complement VR Front Panel and VR Power Transformer.

Detailed building instructions will be provided with the PCBs.

Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 62.00 USD