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Polivoks Service manual

45.00 USD

Complete English translation of the SERVICE manual for the Formanta Polivoks (Форманта Поливокс) synthesizer.

This is the document that was provided to repair shops that serviced electronic equipment. There is a lot of information in the document, including:

  • Description of all controls of the synthesizer.
  • Circuit description for each synthesizer block.
  • Adjustment procedure for each synthesizer block. This exact procedure was used at the factory for setting up new synthesizers.
  • Troubleshooting procedure.

We have included a lot of useful additional information, such as:

  • Two versions of schematics (older and newer).
  • Two versions of PCB layouts (older and newer).
  • Bonus materials:
    • Complete power transformer datasheet (this will help you to rewire the PSU for 127V mains).
    • Information about all trimmers, not mentioned in the Service manual, and suggested adjustment procedure for them.
    • How to increase the output of the synthesizer and improve its signal to noise ratio significantly.
    • Adapter that allows Polivoks to interface with 1 V/Oct CV signal correctly.
    • Useful advice from the designer of Polivoks - Vladimir Kuzmin.

This document is unique. You will not find most of this information anywhere on the net. There were only 500 copies of this service manual issued, and this document was never translated into English.

We have spent countless hours translating this Service manual. We also translated all markings on schematis and combined the backplane schematic in a single document. All this makes signal tracing and synth repairs much easier and faster. Test points voltage information is also very convenient.

Some of the information came right from the Polivoks designer.

If you want to adjust your Polivoks synthesizer up to original specs, or you need to repair your synth, this is the document you should use.

IMPORTANT! This item has electronic delivery only. All documents are hosted online.

Price: 45.00 USD