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Rack Mount Enclosure - 2U height

61.00 USD

This is a standard 2U rack mounted enclosure. It is suited for all DIY builds.

Our enclosures are high-quality products and are designed to last long and withstand multiple assemble/disassemble cycles. Here are key features of our rack enclosures:

  • 1.2mm (18 gauge) steel for all parts. Makes the construction bullet-proof and shields from EMI much better than aluminum.
  • Threaded inserts for M3 screws. Compare this with cheap enclosures, where self-tapping screws are used and this makes multiple assembly/disassembly cycles impossible because the thread deteriorates quickly. Our enclosures can be assembled and disassembled as many times as needed.
  • Front "lip" on top and bottom covers for more rigid construction.
  • Textured black powder coating.

This enclosure is 280mm (11") deep and 2U high. Back panel accomodates up to four Netrik series D/DL/DLX XLRs and one fused IEC receptacle.

Please note: front panel is not included. You can either supply your own or get one from our shop.

SKU: ENC-2U-280
Weight: 3.2 kg
Price: 61.00 USD