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Our plans for the near future

This is a very busy time for us, but nonetheless, we are working hard on several new and exciting modules. One is almost ready for the release and is in the last stages of testing. This is a version of the famous vintage zener compressor/limiter. Yes, those who are in the trade should recognize what we're talking about almost immediately. We don't want to spoil the surprize for all the others, so if you don't know what compressor we're talking about, please keep checking our news section for updates. We're planning to describe our experience with different zeners and reasoning for choosing the particular part we've finally used. Surprisingly this is NOT the zener that is suggested in various sources, and we're going to explain why and what to look for to choose the right zener for the job.

The second module is another diode compressor/limiter. It's inspired by a famous British company. Originally its two channels occupy a 2U enclosure. We managed to pack 2 channels in just half of a 1U space. This module is also in the late testing stages and should be available within several months.

The third design is a famous stereo bus compressor. With all additional options, such as sidechain filtering, sidechain mode selection and dry/wet mix facility. This module is in the early stages and we've just started laying out PCBs for it. So release timeframe is around 6-12 months. When fnished, it should allow you to pack four stereo compressors in 1U - sounds pretty impressive!

Now, several designs are set to expire. The very first is our RN73 mic preamp. It is available until the stock lasts.

We are also going to retire our 1290 preamp module and 73EQ module. BUT. These modules will be replaced with MK2 versions which will be much easier to assemble and will have more useful features (like DI and pad for 1290 and standalone mode for the 73EQ). The supplies of current MK1 versions will last until MK2 versions are ready for release. We suppose that within 8-12 months we will stop producing MK1 and switch to MK2.

Apologies for no-photos post. We just wanted to share our plans with those who's interested in our products. We hope that you're not disappointed. We personally are very excited about all this and we are looking forward for an interesting and fruitful year!