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RN84 PCBs Set

90.00 USD

A full set of PCBs that allows you to make a DIY version of the 1084-based mic preamp with equalizer.

This is an easy to wire, but full-featured 1084 inspired DIY PCBs kit. You will find all features that the original unit is famoues for, as well as some useful additions, including:

  • FET DI input - additional Jack input for your high impedance sources like electric guitar, bass guitar etc. It is a relay-switched input that engages automatically once the jack is inserted into the socket. DI input is switchable between microphone and line input transformers for extra sound texture options.
  • Additional EQ frequency bands including:
    • 10 kHz presence band
    • 4 kHz and 6 kHz high shelf bands
  • Improved horizontal front controls layout for the equalizer (from low to high frequencies)
  • LED indication for all switches
  • Output trim control

Most of the wiring is made with short links of multipin IDC connectors. This reduces the build time considerably, as well as makes the build much eaiser.

Weight: 0.3 kg
Price: 90.00 USD