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Locks for Polivoks synth case

10.00 USD
Polivoks synth lock
Polivoks synth locksPolivoks synth replacement lockPolivoks synth original lock


Genuine set of a locking toggle catch with latch clip that are identical to old Soviet locks used on Polivoks synth top lid cover. These locks usually fail because of age and because of their unfortunate location on the lid - the small fixing lip of the lock had to withstand the full weight of the synth when it was put on its side. This often made the lip bend or break and rendered the lock unusable.

The item includes one lock and one latch clip. To replace all the old locks you will need four of these items.

When fixing the latch, do not put in the screw in the middle, otherwise the lock will not work properly.

Weight: 0.2 kg
Price: 10.00 USD