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New module: PYE type compressor

We promised to release a new module and we did! This particular compressor took a lot of our time. We methdically ironed out all issues in the design and even had to modify some parts of the circuit in order to improve some of its aspects. However, no key parts of the circuit or components were modified.

We beleive this is the only PYE compressor in the DIY universe that is both easy to build and has thoroughly documented building Guide. It is also the only DIY version of the PYE compressor that has an original blocking oscillator instead of the 555 chip. We found that with the 555 chip behaves very differently than with the original oscillator. However, we provided and option to use the 555 chip as an oscillator for those who want to experiment.

This compressor doesn't require any difficult tweaking to make it work - we did all the hard work for you. All trimmers are mostly for unity gain setting and LED metering adjustments.

Here are the key features of our PYE module:

  • Increased power supply voltage for better headroom (can be reverted to original 16V if needed).
  • Original blocking oscillator with inductor details revealed!
  • Correctly coupled stepped Threshold control instead of input and output potentiometers.
  • Improved output drive capability.
  • Unity gain (zero insertion loss).
  • Both hard and soft bypass.
  • Improved and stable link facility for stereo operation.
  • Original HF filter.
  • Ratios: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, Limit.
  • Output and Gain reduction LED metering.

We're putting final touches to the latest revision of the PCBs. Keep an eye on our product list - the new kit will be available shortly!