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New PYE-type compressor module available soon!

This exciting new module is very unique. It's inspired by the famous and rare vintage PYE compressor. This particular compressor works differently from most of other compressors. The main compressing element is a PWM chopper that acts mostly like a light dimmer - it switches on and off with a very high frequency and thus removes a portion of energy from the input signal.

The circuit employs a high frequency oscillator as a "heart" of the PWM circuit. There are some solutions that replace this oscillator with a more readily available IC circuit based on a 555 timer. However, we found that this 555-based oscillator makes the compressor behave differently, and recreated the original vintage discrete oscillator circuit.

We are putting the final minor adjustments to the PCB and planing to release this new module within a month or two maximum. Stay tuned!