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New module: API 312 type mic preamp

This is our new mic preamp module. It took quite long to bring it to the final release stage. Mostly because we were looking for a suitable FET DI scircuit and tested different variants. The module went through three revisions before we were ready to offer it to public.

This is a very simple mic preamp design that has short signal path. It's basically two transformers and an op-amp. Nonetheless, our modul comes packed with features:

  • Relay control to keep signal path short and clean.
  • Stepped input gain control (3dB per step).
  • Output trim control to allow for wide range of sound textures.
  • Lo impedance mic input option (LoZ)
  • -20dB mic input pad
  • Additional output gain for recording quiet sources (3:1 button)
  • Active FET DI circuit (activates automatically when a jack is inserted)
  • Comes with our own take on 2520-type discrete op-amp

PCBs and front panels will be available in the beginning of March. Stay tuned!